1-1 Yoga with Mandy

WHY 1-1?

The joy of 1-1 yoga is that it is completely tailored to your physical and emotional needs and your desires for you practice.

Maybe you have a specific question about the practice, or are just beginning your yoga exploration, or seeking to find a way back after an injury.

Or perhaps this is simply the most convenient way for you to have a regular practice.

Whatever your motivation, you will find that practising this way really accelerates your understanding and progress.

I also welcome enquiries from yoga teachers that are seeking support and feedback in the form of mentoring.


Sessions are generally 75 minutes long. 30 minute 'pitsops' and 120 minute sessions are also available after working together for some time.

Your 1-1  can be a one-off but most people block book a series of  sessions. 

In person sessions are held at Yoga Yurt 108, my beautiful studio space.

For online sessions the platform I currently use is Zoom and it is very simple to set up.

I run a sliding scale pricing plan. Alternative exchanges and payment plans are also options. 

In person cost: €60-80 per 75 minute session.

Online cost: €50-70 per 75 minute session.

BLOCK BOOKING: book 8 sessions for the price of 7 or book 12 sessions for the price of 10.

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When Mandy moved to the Azores, I wondered where my yoga journey was going next...when she told me about her Skype 1 to 1s I was unsure how it would work. At the time I was struggling to get to a class in Norwich after work, an hour round trip, so the time saving was a real draw. I was concerned about getting the alignment right and not having hands on assists. It actually works really well, she is right there in the room, my room, in my house which feels really intimate and I love the fact that she is on her island in her yurt. She can verbally articulate the alignment incredibly well, although I do still miss her hands on adjustments in savasana!

I just love the fact that I am still able to practice with Mandy, I feel so grateful for the technology that can make that happen.
— Online 1-1 student , UK

I was quite dubious about ‘skype’ yoga, I could not understand how a complete novice could be taught in a digital environment which didn’t allow physical contact to support verbal direction. Mandy has a unique gift with language and is able to clearly and simply explain and describe all aspects to practice to even beginner yoga practitioners. She has imprinted key phrases related to each aspect of yoga which I keep with me and use in self directed practice if I am finding an aspect of practice challenging. Skype has provided a 1:1 learning environment within which we have developed a close teacher/pupil relationship with the benefit of complete flexibility of time and location. This has allowed a level of accessibility not available in any other teaching format.
— Online 1-1 student, UK