Summer Solstice Weekend Retreat 2019

thursday June 20- sunday june 23 2019 | santa maria azores

Yoga retreat Azores.jpeg


Let the sunshine in!

Join me at the peak of light in the year, for a recharging weekend in the sanctuary of Yoga Yurt 108 and in the great outdoors.

Your retreat begins 4pm Thursday ends 4pm on Sunday. It is non-residential meaning that you need to choose and book your own accommodation. I will provide a list of suggestions for you. One free camping spot on our terrace, overlooking the ocean, is available.

A deposit of €108 secures your place. After the retreat I ask that you reflect upon what you would like to offer in return for the support and teachings your received. An amount that reflects your circumstances, your commitment to yourself, and to my time and contribution in planning and running the weekend. A suggested range is between €234-345 for the weekend.

Alternative exchanges and part work exchange - stay longer and work in our garden - are available too. Full details are available upon enquiry.

Samhain Yoga & Hiking Retreat 2019

october 26- november 1 2019 | sao miguel azores


Remembering the sacred in every day.

Slow down, lean in and allow the wisdom of the darkness to enlighten you during this sacred Samhain retreat. This is the week that the clocks change and we also pass through a new moon, so the perfect time for retreat!

Halloween has roots in Samhain, a sacred, Celtic fire festival, that marks the beginning of the winter season. To 'hallow' is to make holy, to hold sacred. In this age of speed, over information and extremes it is easy to lose connection with the sacredness of daily life. The seasonal shift of Samhain is a potent time to remind us of this sacredness and to lean into listening and the wisdom of the dark. It is a time of reflection, release and intention - to remember what has passed and to be aware of how we are moving forth.

This is a yoga centric retreat drawing upon a broad range of practices including daily asana, pranayama, mudra, Mantra, meditation and reflection. You will enjoy Plenty of nourishing time outdoors with practices to help you authentically and deeply connect with the support of nature all around.

Join us and discover the wisdom of living your yoga in rhythm with the wheel of the year! Includes a fire focused samhain ritual practice and celebration on October 31st.


Bespoke Yoga retreats and mentoring breaks

available year round in santa maria, azores

1-1 and small group (up to 4 people) retreats are available with me throughout the year. 

If you are a yoga teacher seeking mentoring support and a revitalizing break I am delighted to be able to offer this too.

Get in touch for sample itineraries or to discuss your needs.

Please note that a minimum of three months notice is normally required to book, subject to availability.

Comments from previous retreat participants:

Although in general I try to be a happy and kind person, I was having a ‘blue season’ just before the retreat, where I was feeling disconnected from myself and the world around me. Also, I have a tendency of forgetting to be kind and grateful for myself. The retreat helped me reconnect with myself, reflect on myself and the world around me, and gave me the push I needed to come back to my ‘happy place’, more open minded, aware and conscious.
Also, usually after practising with Mandy in general, either being at a retreat or during meditation, I am overwhelmed with a feeling of being able to ‘conquer the world’, my world, which gives me strength to be myself.
Words cannot express the beauty & joy that reaches deep into your heart from the time spent with Mandy on this retreat. Her teaching is wise & responsive & I was gently challenged to explore my practice a little deeper
Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing such abundance with us in this very special place.
— vicki bowman