Yoga teaching without support can feel overwhelming at times. Having guidance and feedback to help us stay inspired, authentic and clear about what we are doing, how we are doing it, and why is invaluable. I have been teaching Yoga since 2005 and receive regular support and advice myself from my peers and mentors. 

Living remotely as I do, I offer mentoring to teachers and teachers-in-training via regular 1-1 sessions via Zoom (a platform similar to skype and very easy to set up). I also know that it is essential for us to retreat regularly and I am now offering 1-1 and small group mentoring retreats here in Santa Maria.

Some common shared concerns are: how to find your work - life balance, as well as the balance between teaching and your own practice time; staying inspired; finding your authentic voice as a yoga teacher; how to expand into the world of workshop and retreats; making ends meet....

My intention is to provide a space for you to express whatever it is you feel you need support with and to provide guidance, feedback and practical advice. 


One off sessions or up to 6 monthly sessions (calls are 90 minutes) , with email support and 'homework' in between. The cost is €108 per session.

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