Mandy, you are an excellent teacher. The course structure and material reflects your thoughtful preparation for a foundation course. You have a genuine gift of being present and sensing the needs of each individual and the group. You also created a safe and sacred environment in which to share our deepest feelings.
— bea tillman, USA
The most important thing to know about working with Mandy is her unique ability to individualise her yoga teaching. Tailoring her instruction on a session by session basis, she has treated me with respectful patience which has allowed me to grow, develop and dare I say blossom as a yoga practicioner. Mandy includes humanity, realism and humour into her teaching which has made it even more accessible and applicable to everyday life. Whether working across the miles via skype, 1:1 at my home, in a group class or on retreat
the experience has been rewarding and inspiring
— A. Helmstetter, UK

Mandy is an excellent teacher, the best I’ve ever had,
I particularly enjoy her holistic approach...
I come away from a session feeling
lifted, strengthened and calmed
- it is my lifeline in a stressful world
— Yoga class student, Norfolk, UK

In this society of scarcity, when nothing is enough, we run through life and don’t have the time to live it! We want so badly to reach “tomorrow” that we forget to live “today”. So, meditation - stopping and being alone with ourselves - can be the scariest thing to do!
You are making me feel that yoga and meditation might be an excellent exercise to make my thoughts less loud and to decrease my heart beats to a level that I can really hear my deep needs. Thank you.
— S. Castanho, Santa Maria, Azores

Mandy is deeply connected to the resonance of the earth, adjusting her practice to the seasons, lunar cycle and other energetic influences. Through her approach I have learnt to listen in more to the rhythm of what is going on around me. I have always felt close to nature but never given myself any space to observe it and internalise it.

Mandy has a deep knowledge of yoga in its holistic sense, through her I have learned that it is more than asana. I have grown to love chanting mantra and pranayama, and also hearing readings of sutras or other teachings.

My life has changed immeasurably in the years that I have practiced with Mandy. She guided me through my severe postnatal depression when I thought I had lost everything, I connected with yoga through her and it brought me back into my life. And the journey continues, I am now able to embrace stillness in a way that I thought was impossible for me. I am learning that I can meditate, not for long, but it is a start! Most of all I have learned that what I have seeking desperately for all of the years of my adulthood is actually here within me and I can connect to it with just a moment of stillness and a few breaths. What is that if not bliss?

I have such deep gratitude for Mandy and her way, which is quiet and still. There is no pressure, no sense of needing to be her disciple. It feels so gentle, she is just waiting for you to unfurl in your own time.She is the real thing, living the life, without smugness, always humble in the face of what is left to learn, we are all on the same journey.

When Mandy moved to the Azores, I wondered where my yoga journey was going next...when she told me about her Skype 1 to 1s I was unsure how it would work. At the time I was struggling to get to a class in Norwich after work, an hour round trip, so the time saving was a real draw. I was concerned about getting the alignment right and not having hands on assists. It actually works really well, she is right there in the room, my room, in my house which feels really intimate and I love the fact that she is on her island in her yurt. She can verbally articulate the alignment incredibly well, although I do still miss her hands on adjustments in savasana!
— V. Bowman, UK