Imbolc flows

saturday 2 february | 15:00-18:00

by donation,raising funds for mission life force.

meeting point: bananeiras (beginning of trail 01 SMA costa norte)

Hike and yoga!

Moving with the first stirrings of spring, join us for a beautiful walk with some time in silence and a meditation by running water.

Exploring the 5 hindrances

saturday 2 march *| 15:00-17:30 | €24 / €30

*date change due to storms

yoga yurt 108, norte, santa maria azores

As we pursue meditation and yoga, we inevitably become aware of the forces of our minds that hinder mindfulness. As a human family we share these same forces, which the Buddha identified as “the Five Hindrances”.

In this workshop we will discuss each of them and explore how to reveal the ‘gift’ in each of the ‘obstructions’. Includes yin and yang asana and meditation.

Inner fire

saturday 9 march| 15:00-17:30 | €24 / €30

yoga yurt 108, norte, santa maria azores

What does it mean to have a good inner fire?

What do some of the texts associated with yoga say about this?

How does practice help to enhance and sustain healthy digestion?

Explore these questions and more in practice and discussion.

Spring celebration- day retreat

saturday 23 march | 10:30-16:30 |€45 / €55

On this Saturday following the Spring Equinox treat yourself to a day to retreat into practice.

An opportunity to explore a full spectrum of yoga practices with the emphasis on attuning to the season. Hopefully with some practice outside too!

Includes a light lunch, tea and homemade raw chocolate.


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