saturday 13 january|09:30-12:00| €25/€20

yoga yurt 108, norte

A morning of mindful movement inside and (hopefully) outside, dialogue, journalling, rest and listening.

Remember what's important and find your motivation for action.

Please bring a notebook and pen

Day retreat

saturday 27 january|10:00-16:30 | €50

yoga yurt 108, norte

A whole day to immerse in practice - 'warming up' with a silent mini hike, then meditation and asana in the morning. After lunch, a long savasana, more asana and meditation to close. Vegan lunch is included. 

Feet, feet, feet

saturday 17 february |09:30-12:00|€25 / €20

yoga yurt 108, norte

Dig deeper into understanding your feet and why the health of them is so important. You'll look at the anatomy of the feet, get clearer on your foot habits and how they impact you, we'll talk about footwear and toe-spacers and you'll do lots of movement too. 


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