Classes & Workshops

Living remotely in the Azores, I have been teaching yoga and meditation online since 2011. I also offer in person classes and workshops in Santa Maria and sometimes in the UK too!

Most of the time I work with people 1-1, including mentoring support for yoga teachers, please see here.

All sessions are offered on a donation basis – please go to my Donations page for more information.

Winter nights Yoga Nidra

Mondays 18:15-19:00 (from November 14)

Online live & recorded (for registrants only). Register here.

Breath-Body-Mind ™ class

Tuesdays 18:30-19:15

Fridays 14:00-14:45

Live online via zoom (not recorded).

Gentle movement, breathing and relaxation classes designed and developed by Dr. Richard Brown and Dr. Patricia Gerbarg to enhance physical and mental health. Most importantly the core practice is Coherent or Resonant breathing which is evidenced through studies around the world to restore optimal functioning of our bodies, hearts and minds. I am a level-3 certified teacher. If you would like to learn more please visit the Breath-Body-Mind website.

Suitable for new and experienced practitioners.

Contact me for the zoom link

Azores Yoga

Live group classes and workshops in Santa Maria, Azores.

Twice weekly classes in Vila Do Porto begin November 10. Primarily guided in Portuguese…

As a yoga teacher Mandy is a safe pair of hands. She delivers her practice with thoughtfulness and intelligence. Her yoga is ever evolving and feels “alive” and always relevant. That is to say, in our ever challenging and uncertain world, she provides grounding practices that help to navigate these complexities and to hold true to core values.

Over the years that I have worked with Mandy, whether in a class, 1-1 or zoom yoga nidra, I ALWAYS feel the benefits. Without fail she offers up her work in the spirit of generosity , curiosity and fun. And this helps to keep me engaged in my own practice with the same spirit

Maya, England