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I came off social media a few years ago. At the time it was simply something that felt right and I didn’t feel it was necessary in order for me to stay in contact with people. That has proven to absolutely be the case and it is not something I miss at all. Indeed it seems there are some very compelling reasons not to be on social media these days.

I am no technophobe. In fact living remotely means I transitioned to largely working online in 2011 – do you remember the days before zoom?! Instead, I feel that technology, like anything, has nothing inherently good or bad about it. It can be used to enable communication, share ideas and ultimately support wellbeing. The question is, how are we using it and how much?


If you have a question about working with me please contact me via email:

I normally respond to emails within a few days at the most.


You can also reach me on Signal and Telegram but I am no longer on Whatsapp. You can even dial my number and speak to me! It may be best to send me a message first to arrange a time for a call. My number is (00351) 918475098.

You can also try smoke signals, carrier pigeons and telepathy, depending upon the conditions.

I have been teaching yoga since 2005 and have a good network of contacts in the UK and Azores. This means I can often refer you to another person if I am unable to help you.

I love hearing from old friends and new and welcome new enquiries. I look forward to hearing from you!

With Monty, our beloved first dog