In 2020 I started offering my classes via donation. This was catalysed and inspired by many things and people. It means there is no fixed fee, or suggested range, when working with me in a group or 1-1. It also applies to bespoke retreats here in Santa Maria. For my retreats hosted around the world there are fixed prices.

When thinking about how much to donate, my suggestion is that you choose an amount that feels right to you and reflects your available resources. It should represent a commitment from you, relate to similar offerings and to your desire to support my work.

I appreciate that this is a novel way of working for many of us and am happy to discuss further upon enquiry. Alternative exchanges are sometimes possible too.

My work is our sole income as a family and it is an ongoing exploration to see if it is sustainable. So far it is. 

Your generosity is appreciated and I thank you for your participation in this way of working.

Donations can be made via PayPal below or by bank transfer.