Welcome to my new, simplified website – please bear with me as I update it.

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I am registered as a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals in the UK.

I have been studying and practising yoga since 1998.

Within the last 5 years or so my practice and teaching has been informed and influenced by other disciplines too – especially applied neuroscience, breath science, biomechanics and strength training.

To date I have more than 1000 hours of teacher training – for a comprehensive list of my training please contact me.

I love to practice and live with awareness of the seasonal shifts, the cycles of the moon, and the cycles of our own lives. I find it is really helpful to offer retreats and workshops aligned with, and focussing on, the wheel of the year.

What is practice with me like?

It depends!

Most sessions emphasize inter-disciplinary movement, breath, rest and meditation. Mantra, reflection and discussion are key components too. All woven into awareness of the cycle of the year, of the moon and our own life cycles.

My approach is non-dogmatic with an emphasis on cultivating awareness and self-responsibility.

I love to nurture reverence for life. It is serious fun.

Yoga on and off the mat

I’m based in Santa Maria, Azores. We (my husband, dog and cats) moved here in 2011 as part of a series of way of living shifts we have gradually undertaken after waking up  (again) to our climate and ecological reality a few years prior. We yurt live, mainly off grid and grow food and wood etc. Our beautiful daughter was born at home in 2016.

I’m a yoga teacher with an appreciation for Buddhist teachings.

My current main guide and mentor in yoga is Nubia Teixeira, who embodies so beautifully the path of Bhakti- devotion.

I also continue to practice and receive meditation guidance from a range of teachers.

I am passionate about the weaving of the inner and outer work – sacred activism so to speak. My experience  is in holding space for enquiry, reflection, and discussion and of emphasising the intrinsic importance of meditation and a body based practice, such as yoga asana and pranayama etc, to digest, process, restore and ultimately remember our source of resilience.

My own main passion in the world off the mat is environmental justice. This is the lens through which I approach my intention to make conscious choices every day. Of course, environmental justice is inextricably linked to social and political justice – indeed all the injustices and pressing issues of our current age are interwoven. Nothing exists in isolation.